We are currently revising our website to improve ease of membership registration / payment, and to include all the local information on walks, dog friendly pubs & cafes. In the meantime, please do join and become a member and keep an eye on our website for updates. Many thanks!


SARDOG – Keeping Southwold & Reydon a really Dog Friendly place. The Southwold and Reydon Dog Owners Group (SARDOG) was established in 2016 by local and visiting members of the public, initially driven by widespread unrest regarding the introduction of increased restrictions on Southwold Town Beach. Our remit is to represent the interests of dog owners who live in and visit Southwold and Reydon and to work to maintain and enhance its reputation as a dog friendly location. We aim to do this in a variety of ways:

  • Represent the views of our members and work with bodies like Parish, Town and District Councils as well other local groups.
  • Provide better facilities for dogs and their owners such as more dog bins, free ‘poo’ bags , cleared signs, education and advice, working with local holiday firms, shops, cafes and other local groups
  • Provide advice and guidance to locals and visitors on responsible dog behavior.
  • Work with the Council to help with education about responsible dog ownership including designing better signage so it is clear which areas of the beach are restricted.

We understand that not all owners are responsible, not all dogs are well behaved and not everyone likes dogs, so we promote the Super- Sardog Code of responsible dog behavior and work with locals and visitors alike to help them better understand how dog everyone can enjoy the Southwold area. We understand the need for controls and restrictions on dogs in a crowded area such as the beach at peak holiday times, and will work to ensure any restrictions are reasonable. We believe fairness, balance, education, signage and enforcement are critical to public acceptance and effectiveness of any restrictions.

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